Property taxes in Newnan, Georgia

The city of Newnan is located in Metro Atlanta and is the county seat of Coweta County. According to the 2010 census, the population of Newnan was 33,039. The city is renowned for its excellent schools and Ashley Park open-air shopping mall.

If you are a home owner in Newnan you will be required to pay property taxes. Each summer the Newnan City Council sets the millage rate.  The effective rate of taxation for 2014 was 4.15 mills per thousand dollars of assessed value. This was a decrease from 4.37 mills of the previous year.

Which Types of Property are Taxed?Real Estate

In the city of Newnan all real estate is taxed unless the property is exempted under O.C.G.A. 48-5-3. Real estate includes land and anything that is “erected, growing or affixed to the land.” Household contents are usually not taxable unless they are utilized as part of a home-based business.

Assessment data is given to the City of Newnan council by the Coweta County Tax Assessor’s office. This information is used for tax billing and collections. You will be issued an annual real estate property tax bill from the Finance Department. If you are a residential or business property owner in the city of Newnan, you will have to pay city and county taxes to each agency. If you feel that your property tax assessment is incorrect, you should take it up with the County. In order to prevent penalties from being added to your account, all tax payments must be received by the due date. Each year, Newnan property tax bills are mailed out in September and payments are due no later than October 31st.

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